At the bottom of the garden


Some people used these as an excuse to show up.

Seamstresses at work 

Washing up, Dutch style

Lady Jane and some bloke

We work in Ireland we do.

Doc and Bryan. Not Gideon.

An offering to the Chocomel Monster

The Monster emerges

And a final quick shot before a hasty getaway

Water, water, everywhere

Fun, that was

First night

The chef gets a self portrait

Kenny, Kyle, Chef, Cartman, Stan.... or some other order, I dunno

A dog wrapped in blankets.

Dr. Horace Worblehat

A break from linguistical discussions

Who said there were no showers?

In the shade.

Ooooooh, aren't they *cute*


A Cabal Hug


At the bottom of the garden, Sunday morning style

It is *this* big